FulviSafe products are manufactured under license for Akkedis UK Ltd and are available online and currently in the UK, Europe and China.

Fulhold Pharma Ltd (UK) (Fulhold) is the owner of Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™), a patented supra-molecular technology platform. The molecule has powerful, broad-based anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,  and anti-inflammatory properties, in topical and ingested applications.

Demand for CHD-FA™ products has increased rapidly in the past two years, resulting in multiple national and international product registrations for human and animal applications.

Given the strong demand for products in both human and animal markets, Fulhold’s strategy separates the animal and human health markets and has assigned a global license for the use of CHD-FA™ in the skincare market sector to Fulderm International Ltd (Fulderm). This allows a focused approach to management expertise, product innovation and product distribution.

Akkedis Ltd UK has a stake in Fulderm and its FulviSafe branded products are made under licence and all contain the active ingredient Carbohydrate-Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA™)  produced in a South African Health Products Regulatory Authority cGMP (License Nr 0000001280) and Manufacturing Pharmacy (License Nr Y54509), as well as FSSC 22000, approved facility.

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