How easy is it for us to grasp the concept that there are hand sanitizers that exist which work just as effectively as alcohol sanitizers but contain no alcohol, and how do we begin to trust in them? You can’t see them working…so how do we know?

After all, alcohol sanitizers are a cheap, convenient method of killing germs on hands that have been scientifically proven to kill germs if the alcohol content is above 60%. Such sanitizers are especially cost effective if you have a family to cater to, so it makes sense that alcohol sanitizers would be the ideal choice for many.

But, in this day and age, with a global pandemic causing us as a society to sanitize and wash hands more frequently than we ever have before, our hands are becoming dry, damaged, irritated not to mention aged. The detrimental effects of frequent alcohol sanitizer should not be overlooked over cost. Skin health is important too.

This is because damaged skin is more susceptible to infection. What’s more, alcohol rubs are known to break down the lipid barrier on skin which in fact changes the skin’s flora which leads to an increase in bacteria on skin. This in turn requires more alcohol rub to counteract it. It becomes a vicious cycle to skin health.

So, how do we begin to trust in other sanitizing products?

First we must look at the scientific evidence. If it is not scientifically or clinically proven, by law the product cannot state it! So look for the evidence.

How do we know that alcohol-based hand sanitizer works? Science. We can’t see it has worked, but science tells us it did. This is the same for Fulvic Acid. Science says it is an effective antibacterial agent. And as technology progresses and new ingredients are discovered, it’s safe to assume that at some point, alcohol rubs will no longer be the only way to kill germs on hands – and that time, is now.

The active ingredient in the FulviSafe range is Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid which has been clinically proven to be an effective antibacterial and antiviral. Studies have also found that CHD-FA kills over 100 germ species. All CHD-FA evidence can be found in our FAQ’s.

Next, we must change the way we understand sanitizing. It doesn’t need to burn or sting, damage skin or have that ‘overpowering’ smell to kill germs. We need to train our brains to understand and believe this concept – because it is true – our scientific studies prove this.

Finally, we must become acquainted with the idea that sometimes, the things that will benefit us most, cost a little more. This is because the ingredients are more superior to the cheaper alternatives. The best thing about FulviSafe is that a little goes a long way, just a pea-sized amount in fact with every use, so in the end, it becomes a cost effective sanitizer as, it lasts longer, has no detrimental effects upon skin and contains no alcohol so is safe for use on babies under 1 year old. Perfect for the whole family.

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