50ml Barrier Cream Bottle – Rose Geranium

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50ml Bottle
FulviSafe Barrier Cream for Hands has been specifically designed to provide deep moisturisation to last throughout the day. This moisturizing hand sanitizer is formulated with CHD-FA™  which provides antiviral and antibacterial protection while keeping your skin soft. This Antiviral Barrier Cream is organic and natural, containing no alcohol, being perfect for dry and sensitive skin & safe for the use on babies. Rose geranium oil provides a subtle, clean, herb fragrance.
How to use FulviSafe Barrier Cream:

Apply to hands and gently massage until absorbed. Use regularly.

FulviSafe Barrier Cream Ingredients:

Active Ingredient: Carbohydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA) 70%

Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable Derived Emulsifying Wax, Glyceryl Stearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Lemongrass Oil, Rose Geranium Oil

12 reviews for 50ml Barrier Cream Bottle – Rose Geranium

  1. Kirsty M

    A lovely barrier cream which absorbs into your skin quickly, keeps your hands super soft and leaves behind a lovely floral scent.

  2. Nikki Ainsworth

    An effective, well-thought out product that does exactly what it states on the bottle! Love that these products are child-friendly & have none of the chemical nastiness but all of the virus killing power!

  3. Della

    Absolutely loved this cream! It’s really moisturising on the skin and I have the comfort of knowing it cleans my hands as I moisturise – fab product.

  4. Kay G.

    I tried Fulvisafe Barrier Cream for a few weeks. Was good to know it was sanitizing my hands as well as moisturizing them. Will keep using.

  5. Victoria Campion

    I like that this can be used on all my children’s hands. It has no nasty chemicals added so once I put it on my baby’s hands, if she puts her hands in her mouth accidentally, it’s not dangerous. Also it doesn’t burn our skin, nor does it smell overpowering. Great for families.

  6. Emma

    This barrier cream costs more than the cheaper alcohol sanitizers, but is worth the money. Sanitizes and moisturises skin so my hand are not getting dry or damaged. Hands look great tbf!

  7. G. Diaz

    One word: Fabulous!! My going shopping ally, is like having invisible scented gloves. You can feel it even after washing your hands and it honestly does moisturised them.

  8. Petra S

    A safe, natural product that is kind to the environment. Love it!

  9. Dawn Gottgens

    I am impressed by this product, it really did keep my hands moisturized and smooth. It was reassuring to know I was also protected from germs without any harsh chemicals – WINNING!

  10. Lindy

    I love the consistency of this barrier cream. A little goes a long way and it has a lovely scent.

  11. Amanda

    Great product! My hands and skin are soft and the product absorbs brilliantly. Works well to combat the effects of horrible hand sanitizer. It’s an added bonus its organic and smells great.

  12. Pratik

    Great product. Goes on really well. Seems to last a longtime aswell with only having to use a small amount. 👍

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